OpenX Reserve NFT
We are happy to introduce our new product, the OpenXnft. A new type of yield generating upgradeable NFTs.
Full HD 3D Rendered Animation of level 1 Copper NFT
Development stages: Harmony Mainnet Presale : we are here
Final Harmony Mainnet version: ETA 2 months
During the Presale stages, the tokens will start generating yields around the 2 week mark giving us time to setup liquidity positions.
During the 2 months of development you will be unable to burn or upgrade your NFTs, so invest knowing those funds will be locked for the time being.
There is max supply of 1000 tokens, presales being limited to 250 units. This limit can be increased to 1000 if the presale is a success.
Each NFT is priced at 10k ONE, of which 2k is reserved for the team. The remaining 8k ONE will be stored in a cold storage wallet until contracts are audited and finalized. Once contracts are final, you will be able to burn the token to get back that investment plus any yields compounded. You will also have the ability to upgrade your NFTs to increase yield capacity and shorten ROI.
Number Levels: 25
Upgrade costs: 10k One + predetermined amount of OpenX (again 8k one kept within your nft's trustless on chain wallet, and 2k one for team).
These NFTs are highly dependent on decentralized finance to generate yields and therefore subject to the same risks as funds deposited on any defi protocol.
The NFTs are virtual and don't exist in real life. The materials and elements are real life based elements but are not stored anywhere whatsoever.
Losses can occur. Be responsible. No team member will ever ask you to send them your NFTs.
The artwork is property of The Open X Project and subject to copyright laws. Any reproduction if the NFTs in any form is prohibited.
Contract Address : 0xF7175CFa85d7F6347487AfD8dDF583495E1f9058
Cold Wallet Storage : 0xb0D8f79162a044fC879710d295Ce42813aEce5c0
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